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School Management Systems

Multi language support and smartphone versions of software are offered for ease of use.

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What We Offer

To simplify the complexities faced by educational institutes in the management of their daily work-flow, CLUTCHi offers them bespoke school management software packages and IT enabled tools. Our school management solutions in GCC have been deployed by hundreds of schools, seminaries, colleges, and training centers for streamlined and smoother flow of their administration, staff management and teaching activities.

We are aware of the challenges faced by schools with regards to their day to day management procedures in the techno-driven modern world:

  1. communication channels

    Lack of suitable communication channels.

  2. Record and maintenance

    Poor record maintenance for large batches of students and staff.

  3. Graphical and statistical reporting

    Lack of graphical and statistical reporting systems.

  4. Future reference

    Increasing logs of student performance data and its upkeep for future reference.

Fully equipped with resources that a modern educational institution needs to use, CLUTCHi’s school management system is devised to regulate and simplify the work processes in different categories. We offer bespoke school administration software and applications to smoothen the entire process of managing and running schools in GCC. Besides being fully customizable, our school management systems are user-friendly, secure and scalable. So you get the finest solutions that enable you to record, maintain and update the details for categories like but not limited to:

  1. Student admissions.
  2. Student and staff attendance.
  3. Homework assignments.
  4. Daily timetable.
  5. Library upkeep.
  6. Records

    Fee records for different classes/grades/standards/courses.

We provide tools that give one-touch access to your teachers for information related to academic courses and students’ attendance, fee & exam performance records. You can also send e-mail and SMS alerts to your staff to send quick updates about policies and student activities. Multi language support and smartphone versions of software are offered for ease of use.

The CLUTCHi Advantage

The aim of CLUTCHi’s solutions for IT based school management is to provide a user friendly interface to its clients in the academic field and help them in smoothly updating, storing and retrieving data that they need for their daily work. Our systems are safe and fool-proof, so you can also limit the number of people accessing the information. The direct benefits of our school management system count in:

  1. Organization of student

    Organization of student and staff data in simple and securely accessible (password protected) format. - See more at:

  2. school calendar

    Ease of managing the school calendar.

  3. overlaps

    Computerized generation of timetable for students and teachers without confusing overlaps.

  4. Reduced workload

    Reduced workload and improved efficiencies for administration department.

  5. Improvement in quality of teaching.

    Improvement in quality of teaching.

With our IT enabled school management system solutions, we help schools and colleges to use their data and records in more organized and structured ways.

Contact us now to add to quality of management for your schools in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.