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SAP Integration

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What We Offer

CLUTCHi offers its expert SAP integration services to help companies make their IT frameworks flexible, link their diverse databases and custom applications and achieve a centralized monitoring facility that helps to save time, resources and costs, while boosting performance and productivity. Our SAP integration solutions also help our clients to meet the challenges of:

  1. Distribute and implement

    Reducing the time to develop, distribute and implement integration workflows

  2. Synchronizing prospects

    Synchronizing prospects in Salesforce or other CRM system with actual orders in real time

  3. Full flexibility

    Responding to business or market infrastructure changes with full flexibility

  4. Communicate effectively

    Getting diverse systems to communicate effectively and seamlessly with SAP installation

  5. Communicate effectively

    Getting diverse systems to communicate effectively and seamlessly with SAP installation

  6. Maintaining data entry

    Maintaining data entry while building KPIs and dashboards for your executives

  7. Multiple business processes

    Optimizing multiple business processes in operations or work flow centric industries

  8. Transforming raw data

    Transforming raw data into actionable information

Our SAP integration services in GCC include:

  1. Individual interfaces

    Implementation of individual interfaces with techniques such as XSLT, Java, ABAP or graphical mapping

  2. Integration platforms

    Integration on one of the most popular integration platforms in the world – the SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)

  3. Custom developments

    Using SAP PI to interlink diverse systems (such as SAP R/3) or custom developments

  4. Creation of custom adapters

    Creation of custom adapters within existing communication protocols to enable systems to communicate with each other in a SAP environment

  5. Full support at all stages project

    Full support at all stages of the integration project

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

Our SAP integration experts have extensive knowledge and experience of working with legacy SAP systems. They can facilitate seamless integration using File Adapter and provide full support for SAP PI development and implementation. From conception through choosing the right SAP system architecture (SOA or ESB) to acquisition and support, you can trust our SAP consultants in GCC for the most successful and cost effective SAP integration.

Contact CLUTCHi today to discuss your requirements of SAP integration solutions in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India