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Our team keeps itself updated on new SAP skills to deliver innovative solutions and measurable results to CLUTCHi clients.

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CLUTCHi offers its exclusive SAP Hana solution to help client leverage this in-memory computing platform to process bigger data quickly, utilize a scalable data warehouse and migrate all critical business applications to a single database.

At the same time, our SAP Hana solutions in GCC also help our clients to unlock their operational capabilities within their optimized data management framework and transform large amounts of data into actionable business insights in real time.

Our Approach

CLUTCHi has a team of certified SAP Hana consultants who have years of experience in catering to the varied SAP solution requirements of small and mid sized companies hailing from varied industries such as manufacturing, IT, retail, transport and logistics, healthcare, finance and accounting amongst others. Our SAP Hana experts help clients to:

  1. Scale up with the growth of data

    Architect their systems to scale up with the growth of data, with a choice of configurations and on-premise, hosted or cloud deployments

  2. Achieve faster time-to-value

    Achieve faster time-to-value for their products or services with the help of a system that is easy to code, configure and deploy

  3. Resolve issues quickly

    Resolve issues quickly with the help of an integrated system level support and a single point of contac

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