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SAP Cloud Solutions

Our team keeps itself updated on new SAP skills to deliver innovative solutions and measurable results to CLUTCHi clients.

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If you wish to make your business respond more quickly to changing business dynamics, CLUTCHi offers its exclusive SAP Cloud solution to help you manage all your business processes with ease, meet your customers’ requirements and drive profitability for your company by moving to the cloud and leveraging the most comprehensive SAP cloud computing portfolio.

CLUTCHi’s SAP Cloud solution helps you make the most of a secure, scalable and cost effective cloud infrastructure and use function rich software to innovate new products and services for your customers. At the same time, our SAP Cloud solutions rank very high on delivery quality and speed – ensuring the business flexibility and performance you require for driving greater business value.

Our Approach

CLUTCHi has a team of certified SAP Cloud consultants who are well versed with the latest SAP applications and environment. Our SAP experts use standardized tools and processes and employ their cross industry experience to help clients:

  1. SAP applications

    Develop the very best in class SAP applications

  2. SAP environments

    Create agile SAP environments

  3. SAP end users

    Improve the level of service for SAP end users

  4. Recovery capabilities

    Develop and improve disaster recovery capabilities

  5. SAP HANA applications

    Leverage fully managed services for the deployment, support and clustering of SAP HANA applications

  6. Support large enterprise

    Support large enterprise SAP databases of sizes going up to 18 Terabyte

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