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SAP All in One Solutions

Our team keeps itself updated on new SAP skills to deliver innovative solutions and measurable results to CLUTCHi clients.

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If you wish to manage and control all aspects of your business, right from manufacturing and operations to logistics and sales, CLUTCHi offers exclusive SAP All in One solutions to help you use preconfigured and tested tools to achieve significant results while saving on time, effort, resources and money.

Our SAP All in One solutions help small and mid size companies to deploy ready to use Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP) solutions, decide and designate specific business processes for vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service companies, estimate and minimize upfront costs, including software and system implementation expenditure and achieve measurable and quicker time-to-value results.

Our Approach

CLUTCHi has a team of expert and certified SAP consultants with extensive experience in deploying SAP All in One solutions for numerous companies hailing from varied industries such as IT, retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics, finance and accounting, healthcare and others.Our SAP All in One solution in GCC helps companies to:

  1. New market segments

    Innovate new products and offer new services for existing and new market segments

  2. Operational excellence

    Streamline their business processes to achieve overall operational excellence

  3. Financial controls

    Monitor expenditure and implement tighter financial controls

  4. Connect and streamline

    Connect and streamline communication between several business units, franchises, subsidiaries and partners

  5. Functionalities

    Implement new and upgraded functionalities of CRM and BI along their growth path

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