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Performance Management

CLUTCHi Consultancy Services is an ambitious innovative entity that provides IT & Management Consultancy Services to all industries.

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What We Offer

In their dynamically competitive domains, businesses need to be very serious about the actual efficiency of their operations and this is where CLUTCHi’s performance management solutions prove valuable. Yours may be a large-scale enterprise or an SME, an integrated performance management system can turn sluggish, costly and disparate processes into more forceful, competent and connected experiences.

These are some of the challenges that your organization faces in managing performance without a streamlined system:

  1. Business objectives

    Tracking performance against business objectives to identify the gaps and evaluate options with “what-if” scenario model.

  2. Continuous planning

    Continuous planning and more frequent forecasting in restricted budgets.

  3. Operational plans

    Connecting financial and operational plans to increase profitability.

  4. Incentive plans.

    Ensuring improved sales performance through more efficient management of quotas, territories and incentive plans.

CLUTCHi delivers IT-enabled solutions for your business performance management and transformation. We have qualified and experienced personnel to design and deploy your performance management software. We reduce custom coding and manual processes while giving you an integrated approach to performance management. Our performance management solutions in GCC come with capabilities of:

  1. Sales Performance Management.
  2. Automation And Integration.
  3. Profitability

    Profitability Modeling and Analysis.

  4. Management Reporting.

    Streamlined Regulatory and Management Reporting.

  5. Performance Reporting

    Performance Reporting and Scorecard Preparation.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

We help you proactively monitor and record the performance of your staff and the business processes that they handle. Our software enables you to collect data automatically from your critical systems and comes with unlimited scalability. You can also use it for tracking, analysis and comparative reporting. With our performance management solutions, we bring the direct benefits of:

  1. Better work-life quality.
  2. Improved business performance.
  3. Reducing conflicts.

    Time saved on reducing conflicts

  4. Clarification about employee

    Clarification about employee expectations and bringing down attrition

CLUTCHi gives your HR teams and senior management the ability to retain and reward the best of your resources.

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