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Performance Engineering

Our team predicts potential performance failures much earlier than they occur.

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What We Offer

At CLUTCHi we know that performance engineering and testing can really make a huge difference to the way businesses operate and develop. As your enterprise applications get stressed with more work, performance begins to suffer and cannot meet end-user expectations. You then need to respond to poorly performing technology but don’t have the tools that can proactively manage performance throughout product lifecycle. This is where our performance engineering consultants help your enterprise.

We know the challenges that discourage your in-house performance engineering and testing efforts:

  1. User expectations

    Meeting end user expectations by resolving performance and scalability problems even before they occur

  2. Existing investments

    Increasing return on existing investments through improvements in application performance.

  3. Business critical systems

    Mitigating risks, improving cost efficiency and reducing time-to-market for business critical systems.

  4. Optimized utilization

    Training staff on optimized utilization of IT infrastructure.

CLUTCHi’s performance engineering solutions in GCC are geared to improve the performance and scalability of your applications across the IT stack and application lifecycle. We provide services for:

  1. Performance Benchmarking.
  2. Performance Analysis.
  3. Assessment

    Architecture and Design Assessment.

  4. Capacity and Performance

    Capacity and Performance Modeling.

  5. Feasibility Analysis

    Performance Feasibility Analysis.

  6. Performance Optimization

    Data Model Re-factoring and Database Performance Optimization

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

We drive performance-driven development earlier in the lifecycle, to help you set clear performance goals. Our team predicts potential performance failures much earlier than they occur. It also identifies and isolates the root cause of those possible performance failures. The benefits for your business therefore subsume:

  1. operational efficiencies

    Improvement in end-user experience and better operational efficiencies for business.

  2. Business processes.

    Readily available systems as they are required in the business processes.

  3. High risk performance

    Elimination of ‘high risk performance’ defects that could result in business loss.

  4. Effective forecasting

    Effective forecast view on performance attributes of applications for upcoming launches from capacity perspective.

You can now eliminate your system tuning efforts and avoid redundant hardware costs.

Contact CLUTCHi now to know more about our performance engineering services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.