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Migration & Re-engineering

CLUTCHi has qualified migration experts with extensive experience in legacy and modern IT systems.

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What We Offer

CLUTCHi's IT migration and reengineering services in GCC help businesses move their mission critical applications and IT systems from legacy platforms to upgraded, cutting edge technologies. Our team uses proven methodology and industry best practices to migrate and reengineer your customer legacy applications fruitfully.

Some of the challenges that you face in migration and reengineering of your systems include:

  1. Tight budgets

    Switching over to newer technologies within tight budgets.

  2. Modernized IT platforms

    Training teams on migrated and modernized IT platforms.

  3. Ensuring secure

    Ensuring secure deployment of new systems.

  4. Integrating new applications

    Integrating the new applications, databases and systems with the web.

We know that migrating or modernizing your IT systems is very crucial to survive and stay competitive in your domains. This is why team CLUTCHi has planned its spectrum of migration and reengineering solutions around several functionalities:

  1. Data cleansing

    Application data cleansing, application porting and product scripting.

  2. Migration of legacy

    Migration of legacy applications to latest technologies.

  3. User friendly

    Adding user friendly enhancements.

  4. Oriented architecture

    Deploying service oriented architecture.

  5. Hosting on new platforms.
  6. Language migration

    Technology, platform and language migration.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

CLUTCHi has qualified migration experts with extensive experience in legacy and modern IT systems. We work under tested execution framework to provide custom migration and re-engineering services for your business. Our aim is to give you the benefits of:

  1. Platform capabilities

    Improved application and platform capabilities.

  2. Business productivity

    Increase in business productivity due to reduced downtime.

  3. Market opportunities

    Better responsiveness to market opportunities.

  4. Costs of maintenance

    Reduced costs of maintenance.

  5. Data utilization.

    Improved data utilization.

When you are working with IT systems, the key to success comes with being flexible and adaptable. This is exactly what CLUTCHi helps you with.

Contact us today for IT migration and reengineering services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.