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IT Security

Securing IT Environments for Confident Business Decisions..

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What We Offer

Businesses today use a host of IT tools and software systems that must function flawlessly and must be kept secure against cyber threats and other problems. CLUTCHi has a range of IT security solutions to help businesses in compliance management, technology infrastructure & applications protection and disaster recovery.

We have a team of security practitioners who apply industry robust practices and best-in-class tools for the protection of your systems. Team CLUTCHi matches its solutions to your exact business needs and offers cost-effective services to fit in your budgets.

Our Offerings

Our IT security solutions in GCC cover:

  1. IT Security Consulting.
  2. Infrastructure Security.
  3. Applications Security.
  4. Cloud Security.


Legacy IT security solutions work in silos that can result in gaps and create complexities to impact your business efficiency. To give you tangible business advantage, CLUTCHi offers integrated IT security for your enterprise. We believe in closing gaps, reducing complexities, and mitigating risk.

CLUTCHi deploys its proprietary management technology and threat intelligence to keep your business safe against attacks round-the-clock. Our security consultants also help you test and upgrade your security defenses, restructure critical security processes, and develop new security programs. They help you facilitate compliance and improve your process efficiencies.

Contact us today to deploy proven security measures for your organization in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.