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IT Infrastructure Consulting

Enhancing Technology Infrastructure and Performance.

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What We Offer

Your IT infrastructure is integral to the automation and improvement of your daily business processes. As you work amidst market risks and rapidly changing economic conditions, the technology structure in your organization needs to provide flexibility that supports business agility and this must happen in cost-effective ways.

These are some of the challenges that your business faces in the management of its IT infrastructure:

  1. IT problems

    Timely diagnosis of potential IT problems and their quick resolution.

  2. Controlling the rising costs.

    Controlling the rising costs of IT tools, applications and manpower.

  3. core business operations.

    Regulating non-core and complex technology elements / tasks while also concentrating on your core business operations.

  4. Improving IT efficiency

    Improving IT efficiency and productivity within limited budgets.

  5. Managing IT

    Managing IT infrastructure on a 24x7x365 basis.

The consulting solutions offered by CLUTCHi IT infrastructure professionals in GCC cover an array of business-linked, architecture focused consulting services to upgrade your technology infrastructure, build flexibility and to support business development. The spectrum of our IT infrastructure consulting solutions for enterprises in Gulf region comprises:

  1. Support for analysis

    Support for analysis, conception and planning of your business IT infrastructure.

  2. control total expenditure

    Recommendation on the best IT tools suitable for the enterprise to control total expenditure.

  3. Gap analysis

    Gap analysis, solution design and documentation.

  4. New technologies

    Assistance on standardization of new technologies, IT products and their deployment.

  5. cost-effective Pilot Testing

    Proof of concept services and cost-effective Pilot Testing.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

CLUTCHi’s IT Infrastructure consulting professionals work across a range of industry verticals in Middle East region. Our task is to create consistent benefits for your enterprise by:

  1. marketing conditions

    Adopting more responsive approach to constantly changing marketing conditions.

  2. Standardizing and streamlining

    Standardizing and streamlining IT processes for efficient business operations.

  3. Facilitating effective

    Facilitating effective security management for your IT tools and application portfolio.

  4. Upgrading production processes

    Upgrading production processes and service prioritization as per business requirements.

  5. Transformation and growth

    Creating an environment conducive to business transformation and growth.

CLUTCHi’s IT consulting team in GCC includes skilled personnel with years of experience and proven expertise in planning, creating and managing complex IT infrastructure. For speedy resolutions of IT issues in your vertical or industry, we also have SMEs to offer customized services.

Contact us today for your business IT consulting solutions in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.