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IT Consulting

With the IT consulting services of CLUTCHi you can turn your challenges into a completive advantage.

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What We Offer

At CLUTCHi, we offer bespoke IT consulting services to match your business requirements, help you harness new technologies and realize the maximum returns from your investments. You may need support for your IT applications, infrastructure or assistance with staff augmentation, training and business automation – CLUTCHi will provide a tailored blend of solutions that will let you enjoy profitable results while also saving money.

We know the challenges faced by your IT teams while working autonomously on projects:

  1. IT applications

    Keeping a check on growing costs of IT applications, tools, software and systems.

  2. Difficulties

    Difficulties in staying up-to-date with fast paced changes in technology.

  3. Ultimate business vision

    Training of existing and new IT staff on IT infrastructure as it relates to ultimate business vision.

  4. Enhancing IT efficacy

    Enhancing IT efficacy and its role in business productivity with budget constraints.

  5. Potential IT problems

    Pressures of diagnosing potential IT problems before they spell hazard for the business.

With the IT consulting services of CLUTCHi you can turn your challenges into a completive advantage. Working with our experienced IT consultants in GCC your team has an easy access to latest cutting edge technologies that drive new innovations in your business domains. We help you understand current and future IT trends through:

  1. Planning and formation

    Analysis, planning and formation of business IT architecture and infrastructure.

  2. IT project advisory services

    IT project advisory services with project governance over its entire lifecycle.

  3. Optimization of IT costs

    Optimization of IT costs for investment in significant areas.

  4. IT risk transformation

    IT risk transformation including framework design to manage risks effectively.

  5. Software packages

    Comprehensive technology assistance through bespoke software packages.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

At CLUTCHi we help you deliver improved business performance by addressing your IT and business agendas together. By developing appropriate technology approach with CLUTCHi’s IT consulting solutions, you have the benefits of

  1. Reducing your IT expenditure

    Reducing your IT expenditure and improving service delivery standards.

  2. IT solutions.

    Quicker deployment of innovative and cutting edge IT solutions.

  3. Upgrading production

    Upgrading production practices and service prioritization according to changing business needs.

  4. Ensuring well managed

    Ensuring well managed security for your IT infrastructure and architecture.

  5. Transformation and development

    Creating an environment conducive to business transformation and development.

Our clients expect us to give resolutions on some of their most complex IT issues and we help them address such challenges and transform risks into business advantages. As a team of skilled IT consultants in GCC, CLUTCHi offers its holistic solutions in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.

Feel free to contact us for a one-on-one discussion on your IT requirements.