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IT Audit & Rescue

CLUTCHi offers an all-inclusive IT audit and rescue management solution for Information Technology audits and assessments.

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What We Offer

As the formal verification and validation of the quality and efficacy of IT controls, an IT audit supports your overall business objectives. And this is why the consultancy services offered by CLUTCHi also incorporate IT audit and rescue. We have a qualified team of IT auditors in GCC to help your organization stay safe of the threats inherent in today’s highly complex technological frameworks. They also help you assess technology risks and implement the right control measures related to crucial business practices.

IT security controls are critical aspects of regulatory compliance and without proper IT audits, your business faces challenges and threats such as:

  1. Higher level of regulatory

    Higher level of regulatory compliance risks due to ineffective controls.

  2. Inconsistency in measuring

    Inconsistency in measuring and managing IT risk and assessing its effect on different areas within the organization.

  3. Risks and performance

    Linking IT risk and compliance life cycles together to interpret control failures within the context of overall business risks and performance.

  4. Exposure of severe business

    Exposure of severe business impacts of regulatory non-compliance to your customers.

CLUTCHi offers an all-inclusive IT audit and rescue management solution for Information Technology audits and assessments. With our IT audits solutions in GCC we help our clients streamline their IT processes and enable multiple stakeholders to get more visibility and control of these processes. Our IT audit and rescue services include:

  1. Risk based IT Audit Planning.
  2. IT Audit Projects.
  3. IT Audits and Assessments.
  4. IT Audit Reviews.
  5. IT Audit Reports and Metrics.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

A successful IT audit gauges all risks and the entire control environment as they relate to crucial business processes. With the proven skills, experience and proficiency of our auditors you can ensure the integrity, reliability and performance of your operations. The benefits of CLUTCHi’s IT audit solutions and rescue in GCC include:

  1. Management processes

    Improvement in your compliance management processes.

  2. Data validation

    Data validation, verification and integrity across all platforms.

  3. Monitoring and rectifying

    Tracking, monitoring and rectifying all identified non compliances in time.

  4. Dashboard visibility

    Ability to offer executive dashboard visibility on enterprise-wide compliance.

CLUTCHi can help you schedule IT audits and assessments for your business groups, a single unit of the venture, or a single site.

Contact us today for the most in-depth and helpful IT audits and rescue in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.