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Infrastructure Security Solutions

CLUTCHi Consultancy Services is an ambitious innovative entity that provides IT & Management Consultancy Services to all industries.

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What We Offer

CLUTCHi’s flexible IT infrastructure security solutions help you to realize crucial business benefits through more efficient use of your IT resources. We have a broad array of managed services and delivery models to help you achieve your enterprise goals.

Some of the technology infrastructure challenges that can affect your business operations include:

  1. Sudden breakdown

    Sudden breakdown of web applications on e-commerce platforms resulting in customer complaints.

  2. Maintaining the security

    Maintaining the security of a wide range of IT tools with limited resources.

  3. New technologies

    Dealing with new threats that also proliferate with the birth of new technologies.

  4. Clock support

    Providing round the clock support to the end users of your IT tools in your enterprise.

CLUTCHi understands that you need to ensure the efficiency of your core business operations while also keeping an eye on the IT infrastructure. We offer a host of IT infrastructure security services in GCC and these come with varying solutions as per the specific tools and applications that you need for your business. Our infrastructure security services include but are not limited to:

  1. Big Data Management.
  2. Data Security.
  3. Cloud Security.
  4. Cyber Security.
  5. Identity Assurance.
  6. Risk and Compliance.

    Government, Risk and Compliance.

The CLUTCHi Advantage

Our solution accelerators facilitate tailored IT security to reduce the costs of implementation and abridge the time-to-market. Besides extending security support CLUTCHi also becomes your single source for procuring safe tools to focus on business growth and stay active in an ever evolving landscape. We bring you the benefits of:

  1. Threatening IT issues

    Judicious analysis of threatening IT issues.

  2. Removal of issues

    Removal of issues before they affect any business process.

  3. Security measures

    Lowering the costs of security measures deployment.

  4. Security and compliance

    Assurance on security and compliance of newly installed /upgraded systems.

Our solutions bring best-of-breed tools and technologies to give you an integrated, smart & secure IT infrastructure.

Contact us now to discuss IT infrastructure security solutions for your enterprises in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.