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Hotel Management System

We offer hotel and restaurant management systems with all the tools that you need for effective IT support to your daily operations.

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What We Offer

To meet new customer demands in an increasingly competitive domain, hospitality service providers must use smarter technologies through custom hotel and restaurant management system. CLUTCHi offers hotel management software solutions in GCC to help its clients improve their operational efficiency and drive excellence through new innovations.

We know the common challenges that hotel managers and restaurateurs face in the industry today:

  1. Ensuring consistency

    Ensuring consistency of brand experience through scalable infrastructure, reliable processes and integrated systems.

  2. Infrastructure management

    Making infrastructure management and operations simpler by leveraging virtual environment that allows properties to significantly reduce dependence on physical hardware assets.

  3. Reducing operational costs

    Reducing operational costs by driving process and technology excellence.

  4. Limited budget

    Delivering unique and pleasant customer experience within limited budget.

CLUTCHi’s hotel and restaurant management software solutions in GCC can be integrated with your booking systems, account ledgers and customer guest scores. These then offer more visibility into key metrics that drive your profitability. We provide you the abilities of forecasting, planning and budgeting across your properties and make detailed operations reporting simple.

Our hotel management system has modules for:

  1. Front Desk.
  2. Pricing and Billing.
  3. Property Maintenance.

    Room Cleaning and Property Maintenance.

  4. Group Bookings.

    Conferencing and Group Bookings.

  5. Information.

    Accounts and Management Information.

  6. Sales and Marketing

    Sales and Marketing and Customer.

  7. Client Server Technology.
  8. Interfacing Technologies.
  9. Restaurant and Bar.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

We offer hotel and restaurant management systems with all the tools that you need for effective IT support to your daily operations. Instead of several applications with partial information sharing between them, CLUTCHi’s software package gives you unified solution to allow seamless sharing of business-critical information.

  1. Robust delivery models

    Robust delivery models to determine SLA compliance and customer satisfaction / complaints.

  2. On-time delivery

    On-time delivery and defect-free delivery of service for superior brand experience.

  3. Business opportunities.

    Creation of new business opportunities.

  4. Bigger return on investments.

Customized by professionals from the hospitality domain, CLUTCHi’s solutions for hotel are optimized through industry best practices.

Contact us today for hotel and restaurant management systems in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.