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Hotel and Restaurant Management System

CLUTCHi provides enterprise solutions for hotels as per industry best practices.

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Every business decision in the hospitality industry must centre on provision of excellent and personalized service to each guest and your hotel management system must be conducive to the same. CLUTCHi provides enterprise solutions for hotels as per industry best practices. We develop property management software for a wide range of hotels, resorts, guest houses and restaurants including boutique hotels and multinational chains. Our solutions are based on hosted integrated operations automation and distribution application.

Our Approach

CLUTCHi’s software package for hotel management system includes automation features for management of different aspects of a hotel including front desk, cashiering, housekeeping, catering, restaurant & food operations, vendors, and marketing. Through hotel management software solutions in GCC, we provide:

  1. The transactional framework

    The transactional framework and the set of handy tools required to analyze critical operational data, manage inventory and check supplier rates

  2. Across multiple platforms

    The tools for property management, staff management, strategic analysis & planning and reservation portal that allows our systems to be deployed across multiple platforms

  3. Training and support

    Training and support for your staff and team members to make the most of these IT enabled management systems for the constant growth and success of your organization

  4. Easy tracking and management

    Easy tracking and management of reservations, procuring of data on inventories, administering information on housekeeping, food & beverage, guest CRM, front office and back office operations

Our system modules are functionally powerful and come with useful features such as browser deployment, mobility extensions and business intelligence.

In a domain where the quality of direct customer service matters the most for success, CLUTCHi helps you stay organized while also being prepared for varying business conditions.

Talk to our consultants today for the customized hotel management system that you need for your property in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.