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e-Governance Solutions

We help you adopt e-Governance for an improved, effective and transparent business growth plan.

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An organization looking forward to business transparency, cost reduction and increase in its workforce productivity can achieve all of these and more with the right e-Governance system. This is why CLUTCHi has expanded its IT consultancy services to include e-Governance solutions in GCC. We help you adopt e-Governance for an improved, effective and transparent business growth plan.

Although e-Governance begins with the digitization of processes and ensuring smooth flow of information, you can make the most of it by using the concept in business policy formation, evaluation of employee performance, and in building consensus through collaboration and feedback. This ultimately helps in increasing your revenue and paving a smoother path to optimization of operations.

Our Approach

CLUTCHi uses a multi-pronged approach for the deployment of e-Governance system in your company. Our solutions are based on efficient business process management framework that adds great value to your e-Governance methodologies. We reduce your costs of dealing with Government officials for availing necessary services.

The team of information analytics professionals at CLUTCHi has in-depth market research capabilities and helps you directly with market scenario analysis. They deploy e-Governance solutions for:

  1. Policy making

    Policy making and business decisions

  2. Employee services

    Responsive and quality-rich employee services

  3. Revenue augmentation

    Revenue augmentation and target monitoring

  4. Efficient governance

    Information amalgamation and data regulation for efficient governance

With CLUTCHi’s support you can also address the common issues that affect e-governance. Some of these include the changed perceptions of your employees in accepting new setups, creation of a strong infrastructure for e-governance system, the planning and funding for the system and the training for end users.

Call us now to know more about value of e-Governance solutions for your enterprises in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.