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Data Centre Services

CLUTCHi addresses these problems by offering scalable data centre solutions customized to your exact specification.

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What We Offer

You need to manage your data centers by implementing holistic solutions that help you cut costs, improve service delivery and augment business value. Our services improve and consolidate your data centers and their resources for higher service levels and mitigated cost of ownership.

The challenges faced by your business include:

  1. IT infrastructural

    Insufficient IT infrastructural strength for data centers due to bigger consumption of power and space.

  2. IT framework

    Inadequate usage of existing IT framework in data centers.

  3. IT operations

    High expenditure on IT operations.

  4. Framework management

    Complexities of technology framework management.

  5. IT tools and applications

    Increased spending on vendor-specific IT tools and applications.

CLUTCHi addresses these problems by offering scalable data centre solutions customized to your exact specification. With our data centre architecture we aim to eliminate your downtime and reduce complexities from concept and design through installation. The data centre services offered by our team are highly adaptable to your changing business needs in GCC region. We help you through:

  1. Server Room Solutions.
  2. Network Closet Solutions.
  3. Virtualization and Cloud Services.
  4. Hosting Services.
  5. Data Centre Consolidation.
  6. Green Data Centre Services.
  7. Physical Infrastructure

    Private Cloud Physical Infrastructure and Management.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

By addressing your specific data centre needs with tailored solutions, CLUTCHi creates value for business in multifarious ways with benefits of

  1. Reduced operations costs.

    Reduced operations costs.

  2. Greater control

    Greater control on IT enabled business practices.

  3. Streamlined disaster

    Streamlined disaster recovery process and risk mitigation.

  4. Auditing capability

    Process and system automation along with comprehensive auditing capability.

  5. Measurable results

    Scalability, adaptability and measurable results.

We simplify your IT operations with our data centre services in GCC and help you respond more quickly to your business demands. CLUTCHi plans and implements bespoke data centre solutions for its clients across Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.

Count on us to give a leading edge to your business with the best of technology.