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Customer Relationship Management

CLUTCHi helps your business on an extensive range of CRM priorities.

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What We Offer

The online world including social media has empowered your customers and made conventional customer relationship management (CRM) models redundant. In face of growing competition, it is all the more important to engage, retain and grow your customer base.

We understand the challenges that you face in accomplishing this:

  1. customer expectations.

    Defining customer expectations.

  2. Analyzing

    Analyzing detailed purchasing patterns for your products/services.

  3. Disjointed CRM system

    Dealing with the problems of a disjointed CRM system.

  4. Maintaining data security

    Maintaining data security for CRM systems.

CLUTCHi’s CRM consulting solutions in GCC are based on an outside-in strategy and we believe in incorporating innovations into interaction patterns between you and your customers. With a deeper understanding of customers, you can evolve to offer them more personalized services. Our customer relationship management solutions for your business subsume:

  1. Reporting and Dashboards.

    Analysis, Reporting and Dashboards.

  2. Consolidation and Optimization.

    Contact Center Consolidation and Optimization.

  3. Sales Forecasting.
  4. Lead Management.
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Marketing Automation.
  7. Customer Support.

We align your business strategy with your customers' demands to deliver short-term gains while also bringing long-term transformation improvements.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

By focusing on the more important components of CRM, CLUTCHi makes it possible for you to reduce your customer care costs, and improve the value of your customer relationships as also your brand reputation. The benefits that come along include:

  1. Improvement in service quality.
  2. More success in cross-selling.
  3. Better knowledge

    Better knowledge about customers.

  4. Improved performance.

    mproved performance of sales force.

  5. market campaigns

    Better targeted market campaigns

CLUTCHi helps your business on an extensive range of CRM priorities. Our solutions are spread across CRM lifecycle from development, implementation, and maintenance to testing, upgrades, and managed services.

Feel free to contact us for bespoke CRM consulting solutions in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.