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we offer the support that you need for its maintenance and regular upgrading.

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What We Offer

The comprehensive Cloud services portfolio of CLUTCHi also includes Cloud support and managed Cloud services in GCC. If you already have a Cloud infrastructure in place and deploy new applications in the system, we will offer the support that you need for its maintenance and regular upgrading.

Once you have your Cloud architecture in place, it is crucial to ensure that it actually helps in seamless storage of your data and applications without any technical glitches. But there are challenges in ensuring such security solely through the in-house IT team:

  1. Structuring

    Structuring of multi-vendor and multi-platform services.

  2. Workload management

    Difficulties in integrating security and workload management.

  3. Single management system

    Problems in establishing a single management system for virtual resources.

  4. Hurdles and bringing

    Hurdles in bringing continual improvements to ensure monitoring relevance.

  5. Monitoring value

    Inability to focus on right metrics to communicate monitoring value.

To address such concerns you need professional Cloud support service provider that can help you in resolving issues that disturb private, public and hybrid Cloud. CLUTCHi has a range of cloud support services in GCC including:

  1. Server administration support

    Cloud infrastructure and server administration support.

  2. Security patches and Firewall

    Security patches and Firewall

  3. URL monitoring alerts

    URL monitoring alerts and built-in escalations.

  4. Error monitoring.
  5. Custom checks.
  6. Performance monitoring.
  7. Cost saving recommendations.
  8. Best practices consulting

    Architecture and best practices consulting.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

We have solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in the GCC. You may have one server or more than five, we have customizable support plans for your organization. And when you source such solutions from CLUTCHi, you obtain the benefits of:

  1. Multiple back-ups

    Multiple back-ups of your business-critical data.

  2. RCA and activity report

    Regular reports on traffic patterns, resource consumption, RCA and activity report.

  3. 24*7 troubleshooting support

    Cost savings along with 24*7 troubleshooting support.

  4. Supervised migrations

    Supervised migrations to new and updated systems.

  5. Timely analysis of issues

    Timely analysis of issues and deployment of solutions for continual and flawless business operations.

CLUTCHi has a cordial and responsive customer service team along with proactive Cloud support service portfolio for smooth and efficient working of IT systems in your organization. We support thousands of users across various industries and have our centers in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.

Feel free to contact our executives to discuss your Cloud support requirements.