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Cloud Security

we offer our clients the expertise that they need as they actively move to this form of IT storage.

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What We Offer

Data security is often cited as a barrier for businesses trying to migrate to the Cloud and this is why CLUTCHi includes advanced Cloud security solutions in its service package. Leading in the domains of Cloud infrastructure and Cloud security in GCC, we offer our clients the expertise that they need as they actively move to this form of IT storage.

These are some of the challenges that inhibit your progress towards secure Cloud migration:

  1. Obstacles in safeguarding

    Obstacles in safeguarding the Cloud infrastructure through secure computations in distributed programming frameworks.

  2. Data privacy concerns

    Data privacy concerns due to lack of proper data mining and analytics.

  3. Access control

    Absence of granular access control.

  4. Storage and transaction

    Inability to ensure secure data storage and transaction logs.

  5. Security monitoring

    Inadequate resources for real time security monitoring.

At CLUTCHi, we take up the task of propelling data protection for Cloud and provide solutions that are layered, smart, and work in real time. Through our services for Cloud security in GCC we offer:

  1. Data encryption

    Data encryption that enables encryption of data-at-motion and data-at-rest, privileged user access management and the archiving of security intelligence logs without re-organizing applications, databases.

  2. Access controls

    Deployment of fine grained access controls.

  3. Security Intelligence

    Security Intelligence to enable SIEM solutions that identify compromised user account, passwords, applications and also administrators.

  4. Integrity Monitoring

    Managed File Integrity Monitoring.

  5. Managed Incidence Response

    Managed Incidence Response.

  6. Deployment of Firewalls.

    Deployment of Firewalls.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

Our data protection for Cloud solutions allow our clients to take control of their data security protection for public, private and hybrid cloud implementations as also for conventional on-premises data center resources.

And the benefits accrued count:

  1. Increased reliability

    Increased reliability, scalability and sustainability of your Cloud infrastructure.

  2. New applications

    Simple and agile deployment of new applications within Cloud.

  3. Property and regulatory

    Staying safe against the monetary costs of losing legally protected data, loss of intellectual property and regulatory non-compliance.

  4. Cost-effective security

    Round the clock support for cost-effective security of your IT systems.

Secure your data storage with our Cloud managed security services in GCC. We extend customized solutions to our clients across Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.

Contact us to meet the key components of regulatory standards, and enjoy a leading edge over your business rivals with our cloud security services.