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Cloud Migration

We help you to bridge the gap between your business demands and IT capacity.

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What We Offer

CLUTCHi’s cloud migration services in GCC help you ensure a secure, seamless and speedy migration of your cloud ready applications to our enterprise Cloud. Businesses today ought to know that Cloud migration involves several phases and activities that need careful planning, scheduling, pre-migration setup and appropriate migration execution before the final production handover. In a bid to do all this with only an in-house IT team, your enterprise faces challenges like:

  1. Customization

    Inability to get heavy customization for the exact functionality that you require.

  2. Functionality

    Widening gap between available functionality and actual features employed.

  3. Security requirements

    Difficulties in meeting central or state security requirements.

  4. Growing requirements

    Inability to consistently and effectively scale for supporting rapidly growing requirements.

  5. Portability and interoperability

    Problems in ensuring flawless data portability and interoperability.

  6. Capital costs

    High costs of operation and high capital costs.

To help its clients achieve efficient and successful Cloud migration in GCC, CLUTCHi works with them at all stages of the process. Our cloud migration experts consolidate and standardize your IT infrastructure environment. This is followed by virtualization and re-engineering/re-architecture of applications that lead to creation of private cloud. We also have SaaS enablement services and IaaS/PaaS product development for Independent Software Vendors, and solutions to migrate to public clouds such as Google and Microsoft.

The range of our Cloud migration solutions in GCC comprises

  1. Infrastructure readiness

    Documenting the complete migration plan including validation of source and destination infrastructure readiness.

  2. Impact analysis.
  3. Platform and data migration.
  4. Re-factoring

    Re-factoring of applications.

  5. Packaging & Deployment

    Packaging & Deployment of applications.

  6. Testing of all data

    Testing of all data, systems and applications migrated.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

We help you to bridge the gap between your business demands and IT capacity. With CLUTCHi supported cloud migration in GCC, you can maximize your organization’s performance to invoke robust, repeatable processes that lead to continual business growth. So the benefits enjoyed include:

  1. Increased business agility.
  2. Flexible capacity.
  3. New technologies

    Earlier adoption of new technologies.

  4. IT systems costs

    Lowest up-front IT systems costs.

  5. Software and applications

    Always staying ahead on latest versions of software and applications.

So, if you have decided to migrate your company's data and IT infrastructure to public, private, hybrid Cloud in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India, just get in touch with CLUTCHi – from planning and security architecture analysis to actual migration of data and applications, our experienced team assists you in entire process.