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Cloud Infrastructure

At CLUTCHi we have extensive experience with Cloud infrastructure architecture and know how to respond to such issues.

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What We Offer

To meet the changing IT demands of businesses and help them make the most of innovative technologies, CLUTCHi has an expansive Cloud infrastructure portfolio in GCC. Ranging from cloud computing solutions for your servers, storage and networks to strategic cloud deployments for business disaster recovery processes, our team offers you cloud platforms based on enterprise grade technology that is cost-effective and can be easily deployed at your work centers.

In an attempt to fabricate and maintain cloud infrastructure all by yourself, you typically face challenges such as:

  1. Financial implications

    Imbalances between financial implications of existing IT infrastructure costs, its capacities and life cycle with the actual requirements to be fulfilled through Cloud infrastructure architecture.

  2. Management tools

    Difficulties in choosing the right management tools to effectively meet virtualization and Cloud needs.

  3. IT security risks

    Constraints in deploying systems and software to prevent IT security risks, data theft and viruses in Cloud infrastructure architecture.

  4. Sharing of customer data.

    Understanding and complying by government policies with regards to storage, access and sharing of customer data.

  5. Unavailability of skills

    Unavailability of skills and resources in real time for effectual implementation of cloud infrastructure solutions.

At CLUTCHi we have extensive experience with Cloud infrastructure architecture and know how to respond to such issues. We provide bespoke and proven Cloud infrastructure services in GCC. Our solutions are tailored for on-demand agility and seamless scalability in our client’s business processes.

The portfolio of our services in this domain is made up of:

  1. Solutions

    Cloud consulting solutions.

  2. Migration solutions

    Cloud deployment and migration solutions.

  3. Cloud application management.

    Cloud application management, monitoring and security services.

  4. Cloud system integration

    Cloud system integration solutions with cross platform integration and application remediation

  5. Data audits

    Cloud data centre architecture and data audits.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

With CLUTCHi you get a single touchpoint for cloud infrastructure design and management solutions that bring several benefits to your business. These subsume:

  1. Upgrading and modernization

    The upgrading and modernization of your IT systems with the scalability and superior performance of Cloud.

  2. Storage of business

    No need to spend on extra hardware for physical storage of business data and applications

  3. manpower resources

    Super computing potential freeing up valuable time and manpower resources.

  4. Optimization of investment

    Easily identifiable core security issues and optimization of investment on information security.

  5. Improved safeguarding of IT

    Improved safeguarding of your IT systems with back-ups for critical business data off-site and mitigation of threats from hackers, viruses and cyber crime hazards.

With the support of team CLUTCHi, you can build the secure, scalable, smart and cost effective cloud infrastructure that you need for your business in GCC.

Contact us today for efficiently tailored and cost effective cloud infrastructure services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.