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Cloud Consulting

We offer one-on-one Cloud consultation in GCC to evaluate your requirements and help you harness the true potential of cloud computing.

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What We Offer

We offer one-on-one Cloud consultation in GCC to evaluate your requirements and help you harness the true potential of cloud computing. Using Cloud solutions provided by CLUTCHi advisors, you can free your IT personnel from cumbersome, day to day data maintenance tasks and let them focus on the more crucial business operations.

Transforming your IT infrastructure all by yourself can be expensive and time consuming. Some of the challenges faced by GCC based enterprises while moving to cloud in include:

  1. Data privacy laws

    Data privacy laws and security concerns.

  2. Regulatory requirements

    Difficulties in complying with regulatory requirements.

  3. service provisioning

    Ineffective service provisioning.

  4. Non transparency

    Non transparency of service delivery and billing.

  5. Interoperability

    Lack of interoperability standards.

CLUTCHi cloud consultants in GCC connect with clients to holistically scrutinize their business demands. Our Cloud IPs, assets and services are then customized to meet these needs, to bring the key Cloud advantages of business agility, scalability, and flexibility, in a vigorous and protected environment. Our cloud consulting solutions cover:

  1. Requirement analysis.

    Requirement analysis.

  2. Data privacy

    Compliance with data privacy, security and regulatory laws.

  3. Selection of Cloud

    Selection of Cloud computing tools and technologies apt for a business.

  4. Technical assistance

    Technical assistance during migration.

  5. Validation and testing

    Validation and testing after migration.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

With our cloud consulting services we help your business gain the agility, scalability and competitive edge it needs for success and growth in a dynamic environment. With the support of our qualified and experiencedCloud consultants you create more value for your organization and enjoy benefits of:

  1. Ensuring quicker responses

    Ensuring quicker responses to business needs with simplified and agile IT systems

  2. Cloud solutions

    Staying free from vendor liaison issues besides monetary and legal complexities of deploying Cloud solutions.

  3. Regulation and management

    Having transparent regulation and management of IT costs with a distinct enterprise view.

  4. Technical and business

    Managing technical and business changes for more effectual cloud adoption.

Our cutting edge cloud solutions in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India help our clients deliver successful outcomes across an array of business functions. If you too want to be a part of the success story and leverage Cloud technologies to improve your operational efficiencies and transform your business models, feel free to contact CLUTCHi for a discussion.