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Cloud Application Development

We offer seamless support through deployment and post deployment stages.

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What We Offer

CLUTCHi offers Cloud application development services in GCC to help its clients maximize the advantage of the flexibility and economics of cloud computing. The development and deployment of applications on the Cloud calls for systematic assessment and planning to ensure security, scalability, and also proper integration with other on-premise or Cloud stored systems.

This is not a simple task to handle in-house and brings several challenges for an enterprise:

  1. management planning

    Difficulties in capacity management in planning.

  2. Implementation of security

    Difficulties in comprehensive assessment and implementation of security.

  3. Entire process

    Inadequate visibility into the entire process.

  4. sources and service

    Lack of common data sources or service models across domains

  5. Technology and infrastructure

    Inability to keep up with fast paced changes in technology and infrastructure.

With our team of skilled personnel specialized in Cloud application development in GCC, we address such challenges and provide you full fledged solutions to develop new and manage them effectively post deployment.

Our cloud application development and management solutions count in:

  1. Development and deployment

    Development and deployment of business intelligence applications.

  2. Custom applications

    Development and deployment of custom applications for a business.

  3. Traditional testing

    DevOps, mobile and traditional testing.

  4. Product and application

    Product and application development services using Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Google App Engine.

  5. Rackspace OpenStack.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

The skills, knowledge, and experience of our cloud infrastructure architects and application developers have been whetted through a number of successful project undertakings. They stay attuned to the upgrading best practices in the industry to give you the best of Cloud application development solutions in the GCC. On partnering with CLUTCHi for your Cloud application development and management, you enjoy benefits like:

  1. Successful development

    Successful development of intuitive apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops without pressurizing in-house resources.

  2. Delivering your messages

    Delivering your messages to more devices in lesser time and at affordable price.

  3. Operating system updates

    Trustworthy and round the clock support for all new applications and operating system updates.

  4. Integration of enterprise

    Seamless integration of enterprise applications with your back-end and third-party systems through the Cloud.

  5. Maintenance and support

    Reducing maintenance and support costs with a single code base that optimizes reuse.

You may need a web or service cloud application to be accessed through mobile devices, desktop or a browser, CLUTCHi’s Cloud application developers and architects will propel your application development projects in the right direction. We also offer seamless support through deployment and post deployment stages.

Contact us today for cloud application development services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.