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Business Intelligence

Our BI tools are based on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics interfaces.

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At CLUTCHi we believe that business intelligence is more than basic corporate reporting and it is not a simple set of tools to extract data out of enterprise systems. Business intelligence tools must also be used to discover business processes that are ready for re-engineering.

The scope for improved decision making, reducing operational costs and identifying new business operations comes from careful and analysis of your organization’s data – this is where CLUTCHi’s business intelligence applications in GCC come to your aid.

With, you can. These assets may include customer databases, supply chain information, employee data, production data, sales and marketing activities or any source of information integral to your processes.

Our Approach

Our BI tools are based on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics interfaces and help you to get:

  1. Quick insights data

    Quick insights into your useful data – within minutes you can identify patterns that were obscure earlier and discover information that was hidden in incomprehensible formats

  2. Easy to analyze data

    Easy to analyze data with compelling visuals and self explanatory graphs

  3. Customized business

    Customized business intelligence applications devised and implemented by CLUTCHi professionals to help your enterprise drive innovation and optimize its operations while also ensuring continually successful results and consistent growth patterns

  4. Management team ability

    The facility to give your management team the ability to make better decisions while comprehending the different “information assets” in your organization and how these interact with each other.

CLUTCHi offers its cost effective BI tools to large, medium and small scale organizations in different domains that include manufacturing, finance, banking, retail, warehouse, hospitality, educational, and medical fields.

Contact us now for business intelligence tools in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.