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Business Intelligence

We offer tailored business intelligence tools to our clients across various verticals.

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What We Offer

At CLUTCHi we know that to make good decisions, business managers need valuable information from variety of data sources in their organization and industry - this is why we offer tailored business intelligence tools to our clients across various verticals. By taking business intelligence (BI) to new levels and leveraging modern technologies, we help them to make smarter, faster and more informed decisions for their organizations.

Without an appropriately planned and clearly defined strategy for BI tools in your enterprise, there can be multiple challenges to decision making:

  1. Typical lack of flexibility

    Typical lack of flexibility in traditional BI tools to “process up” data into metrics required to assess the business.

  2. Multiple information sources

    Multiple information sources from different locations and the problems in consolidating them into a coherent business report for decision making.

  3. Management reports

    Huge efforts needed to transfer the data into MS Office formats - such as PPT, Excel, and Word - for management reports.

  4. Collaboration support

    Lack of collaboration support within an organization resulting in human errors while consolidating BI reports and forecasts.

CLUTCHi gives you robust business intelligence applications that come with integration and data cleansing abilities - these let you integrate the disparate data sources into a single coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis. Based on are SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics interfaces, our business intelligence tools and applications let you prepare interactive and analytical dashboards with information extracted from different data sources.

CLUTCHi’s business intelligence solutions in GCC comprise:

  1. Business Data Integration.
  2. BI Reporting and Analytics.
  3. Data Mining.
  4. Predictive Analysis.

    Statistical and Predictive Analysis

  5. Preparation of Dashboards.

    Preparation of Dashboards and Scorecards

  6. BI Development.

    BI Development and Maintenance.

The CLUTCHi Advantage

We provide an end-to-end cluster of business intelligence services to let your enterprise get superior business insights and improve its decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and operations management. The benefits that our BI tools bring for your organization can be summed up as:

  1. Presentation of critical business

    Presentation of critical business information in a user-friendly way and in formats most appropriate for different authorized users.

  2. New insights and informations

    New insights and information to support decision making in real time fashion.

  3. Industry performance

    Maintaining synthesized information about past and present business and industry performance.

  4. Historical information

    Maintaining historical information and explicit knowledge accumulated over years.

Partner with CLUTCHi for innovative business intelligence solutions that help you identify new growth opportunities, rationalize costs, augment operational efficiencies and boost profitability.

We provide cost-effective business tools to enterprises across Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.