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Business Consulting

CLUTCHi leverages its domain knowledge across an array of industry verticals and also offers cross‑industry capabilities.

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What We Offer

Operating in a competitive and dynamic environment, your business requires flexible processes that are quick to respond to changes in the market. CLUTCHi brings your a special package of bespoke business consulting services in GCC, optimized to meet your business objectives. We help you achieve business transformation using innovative technologies and stay ahead of competition with the right blend of manufacturing, administrative, financial and marketing policies.

Some of the common challenges that business organizations face today include:

  1. Market and economy

    Dealing with the uncertainties in the market and economy.

  2. Attracting new business

    Difficulties in expanding the customer base and attracting new business.

  3. Sources of finance

    Hurdles in reaching good sources of finance.

  4. Pressures of staying

    Pressures of staying ahead amidst growing competition.

  5. Maintaining a good balance

    Maintaining a good balance between product/service quality and growth.

As your partner business consulting company in GCC, CLUTCHi gives you the security, flexibility and confidence to make better decisions and move ahead with your plans. Our industry-savvy business consultants will help start-ups as well as existing business enterprises improve their performance, increase productivity and achieve more consistent growth.

From helping you prepare your business strategy to maximize value and control complex changes to customer relationship management and preparing reports for stakeholders – we help you through all important processes of your business management.

Our business consulting solutions in GCC include work on:

  1. Business strategy.
  2. Feasibility studies.
  3. Business projects

    Project due diligence including thorough analysis of business projects.

  4. Business model.
  5. Investor reports.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

CLUTCHi provides you all assistance through different phases of your business and also mentors your staff on best practices for continual success of operations and sustained growth. We also offer help on re-structuring your supply chains to bring improvements in trade, logistics, distribution and forecasting performance.

With CLUTCHi business consultants by your side you can transform your business through pioneering strategies that are in sync with your distinct organizational needs. And what benefits does your business ultimately derive?

  1. Purchasing power

    Tapping into economies of scale and better purchasing power.

  2. Reduced cost and control

    Reduced cost and control on operating expenses.

  3. Reduced downtime.

    Reduced downtime.

  4. Productivity

    Improvement in overall productivity.

  5. Attracting and retaining

    Attracting and retaining better employees.

  6. Competitive edge

    Achieving a competitive edge in your domain.

CLUTCHi leverages its domain knowledge across an array of industry verticals and also offers cross‑industry capabilities. We will help you to re-establish your operating models and sharpen your business processes to improve productivity, unlock hidden potentials and drive higher value and performance.

Contact us now to make the best business consultants in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India a part of your team.