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Application Security

CLUTCHi’s application security services begin with evaluation of your existing and anticipated web use needs.

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What We Offer

To help its clients enjoy a good return on their IT investments, CLUTCHi has a suite of application security solutions in GCC. Your business has become increasingly reliant on IT systems and this also includes the web and mobile apps that you use to connect with your customers. From payment on e- commerce platforms to interaction on social media, your apps play a critical role in your business and you need to deploy comprehensive solutions for their security.

In an ever evolving technology landscape, businesses need to address the application security challenges like:

  1. misconfiguration

    Rectifying server misconfiguration.

  2. Preventing information

    Preventing information leakage.

  3. Encrypting data

    Encrypting data on applications.

  4. Proactively diagnosing threats

    Proactively diagnosing threats to web and mobile applications.

  5. Recurring problems

    Working on root cause analysis for recurring problems with business applications.

CLUTCHi’s application security services begin with evaluation of your existing and anticipated web use needs. We then provide the layered security protection devised to address the nastiest IT threats that your business can face. Our web application security solutions in GCC comprise:

  1. Application Security Assessment.
  2. Application Security Integration.
  3. Application Source Code

    Application Source Code Security Assessment.

  4. Security Management

    Hosted Application Security Management.

The CLUTCHi Advantage

At CLUTCHi, we employ a comprehensive and integrated approach to your business application security - this results in convincing cost-avoidance measures and better information in tandem with regulatory compliance needs. Your business gets the benefits of:

  1. Zero process disruption
  2. Vulnerability coverage.
  3. Compliance

    Compliance with customer data protection laws.

With CLUTCHi you can uncover your application security problems early and take the right measures to prevent problems that can result in significant business loss.

Contact us now for application security services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.