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Application Modernization

Our end-to-end application modernization solutions in GCC give you new technology accelerators to enhance business value.

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What We Offer

Need to strategically prioritize and deliver modernization initiatives that protect your existing investments in custom applications? CLUTCHi offers a range of application modernization solutions in GCC. We help you preserve your embedded intellectual assets and make your business operations more efficient by extending the value of legacy applications.

Innovation is as important as maintenance for your suite of business applications. But this comes with several challenges:

  1. Industry-standard platforms

    Cutting down high infrastructure costs by re-hosting applications without big changes to industry-standard platforms

  2. Realizing new initiatives

    Realizing new initiatives and improving custom application agility with limited resources.

  3. Upgrading and migrating

    Upgrading and migrating applications to latest version while also taking adequate care against inherent risks.

  4. Eliminating duplication

    Eliminating duplication, integration complexities and associated maintenance problems.

With our application modernization services we can safely align upgraded legacy applications with your business processes and avoid high costs associated with new packaged applications. Our solutions comprise:

  1. Application Understanding.
  2. Enterprise Application Porting.
  3. Migration to BPM, SOA or Cloud.
  4. Application Re-engineering.
  5. Data Transfer.
  6. Technology Migration.
  7. Data Rationalization.

    Application and Data Rationalization

  8. Migration and Evaluation.

    Application Migration Evaluation.

  9. Service Oriented

    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Legacy Extension.

The CLUTCHi Advantage:

CLUTCHi’s comprehensive understanding of business processes and IT helps you to leverage industry best practices in application lifecycle management while focusing on your core business processes. We work to give you the benefits of:

  1. TCO and RTB costs

    Reduced TCO and RTB costs with improved ROI.

  2. Better usability

    Better usability of applications and improved integration with other applications.

  3. Alignment of applications

    Improved alignment of applications with business processes/p>

  4. Decreased costs

    Decreased costs of maintenance with reusable components.

  5. Agility and flexibility

    Extended application lifecycle with more agility and flexibility.

Our end-to-end application modernization solutions in GCC give you new technology accelerators to enhance business value.

Feel free to contact us for deploying custom application modernization for your business in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India.