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Amazon AWS

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What We Offer

As an exclusive Consulting & Business Partner of Amazon AWS in the Middle East, CLUTCHi offers its full range of certified Amazon AWS cloud computing services to help its clients meet their specific business requirements and service their customers globally, without investing heavily in time and money on physical, geographical expansion. At the same time, CLUTCHi also helps its clients to evade the challenges of:

  1. Capacity planning
  2. Traditional datacenter

    Launching new applications in a traditional datacenter

  3. Huge expenditure in terms

    Huge expenditure in terms of time and money for provisioning varied services

  4. provisioned services

    Poor customer experience with fewer provisioned services

  5. Difficulty and expenditure

    Difficulty and expenditure involved in racking and stacking service in traditional data centers

  6. Resource constraints

    Inability to try on new projects due to time, cost and resource constraints

CLUTCHi’s AWS cloud computing services in GCC comprise a complete range of storage and database applications that help your company optimize its IT resource utilization without any significant capital investment.

What We Offer :

Our comprehensive range of Amazon AWS Cloud Computing solutions in GCC includes:

  1. Pay-As-You-Go Services
  2. Computing & Network Services
  3. Storage Services
  4. Low Latency Databases
  5. Application Development Tools

    A Comprehensive Suite of Pay-As-You-Go Application Development Tools Deployment & Management Services

Why Choose CLUTCHi?

CLUTCHi has a team of certified Amazon AWS consultants who can help you run your business applications efficiently and securely through highly durable and cost effective AWS cloud computing services. When you choose CLUTCHi for your requirement of Amazon AWS cloud solutions in GCC, you can evade upfront capital expenditure, scale up your applications to meet client requirements, scale them down to save costs, add differentiated value for your customers and deliver new and innovative ideas to market more quickly. Our Amazon AWS cloud services help you to optimize the performance of your team, be up and running in a few clicks and drive innovation within a fraction of a budget.

Contact CLUTCHi today to discuss your requirements of Amazon AWS Cloud Computing Services in Dubai – UAE, Jeddah & Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Doha – Qatar, Texas – U.S., and Mumbai – India .