• At a glance

    CLUTCHi CONSULTANCY SERVICES is an ambitious innovative entity that provides IT & Management Consultancy Services to all industries. CiCS is specialized in Consultancy Services and provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions to all its valuable customers by blending modern technological intricacies with its custom-made technical solutions. If you want your business to work on an advanced […]

  • Outsourcing Solutions

    The dynamic global IT challenges have led to the unabated growth of IT outsourcing in order to provide a ready knowledge bank and instant trouble shooting to the clients. Add to that the fact that the rate at which businesses the world over are expanding has made IT outsourcing the need of the hour. CICS’ […]

  • IT Services

    An advanced, up-to-date and adept Information Technology is imperative for any business to make the most of its efficiencies and accelerate its growth in the global business environment. Your Challenges : Impeccable IT design Improved technology Innovating IT solutions Our Solutions: Most modern IT services to achieve quicker and better communication with customers Help in […]

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise applications are the basic strengths of IT based organisations and they must be robust and flexible to meet strategic growth demand. Your Challenges : Continuous investment in R&D while sustaining profitability in a highly competitive environment. The need to innovate product offerings and improve market position in an environment of costly technological development. At […]

  • IT Consulting

    Choosing an efficient IT consulting partner can have a tremendous effect on your business. This is where CICS comes into the picture. Our team of expert IT consultants is well aware of the need of efficient IT as a dire prerequisite for the successful functioning of any business. Without a seamless IT service, organizations will […]